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King of the Leaf

The 2023 LIMITED EDITION Sampler

The 2023 LIMITED EDITION Sampler

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Discover the allure of 2023's most sought-after Limited Edition cigars, thoughtfully curated in a singular sampler. This exclusive collection embodies the epitome of flavor, presenting a rare opportunity for lovers of the leaf to savor the best of the year.

Our supply of these distinctive samplers is limited, making them a coveted addition to any cigar enthusiast's collection. Acquire your sampler while supplies.

Each LIMITED EDITION Pack Includes:

  • 1 x Oliva Melano  Edicion Año 2023 Figuriño
  • 1 x Crowned Heads Las Calaveras  Edicion Limitada 2023
  • 1 x Caldwell Long Live The King 11/07 2023 LE
  • 1 x HVC Black Friday Petite Gordo 2023 LE
  • 1 x The Crowned Heads Four Kicks Mule Kick LE 2023

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