About us

Introducing the "King of the Leaf," a creation by the visionary minds behind the acclaimed Cigar Dagger. The team now embarks on a new chapter of distinction. With an unyielding commitment to their craft, the Cigar Dagger team's expertise spans not only the realm of accessories but delves deep into the essence of cigars themselves. The choice of words, "cutting to the heart of the matter," is not just a play on words; it encapsulates their ethos.

Bound by an authentic passion for cigars, these individuals have cultivated an intimate relationship with the world of premium tobacco over many years. This devotion has led them to the inception of an unparalleled cigar experience—the "King of the Leaf" exclusive cigar club. This venture isn't just a business endeavor; it's a heartfelt homage to the very artistry they hold dear.

Brands who wish to find out more about the KOTL Premium Cigar Club, and cigar lounges interested in stocking the Cigar Dagger line of cigars can contact the team using the dedicated form here