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KOTL is a Premium Cigar Club designed to satisfy the most demanding of palettes, and the most discerning of cigar enthusiasts and collectors. An immersive journey into the extraordinary world of cigars. King of the Leaf Cigar Club Members will receive 5, beautifully packaged premium. hand-rolled cigars each month, personally curated for you by industry experts that spend their days trying, testing and searching for the best cigars the industry has to offer. We have partnered with tobacco manufacturers, factories and brands to offer you the best smoking experience. This is the club where our members are the Kings of the Leaf!

Your monthly KOTL cigar club pack will include a broad selection of sumptuous cigars from well known brands, and sought after boutiques, plus rising stars, club exclusives, undiscovered gems and much much more.

A truly unique Cigar Club brought to you by the folks that created the most unique cigar accessory of them all, the Cigar Dagger. Your first box will include KOTL branded swag, and on your 1 year anniversary, you will be presented with the Dagger of them all, the King Of The Leaf Cigar Dagger (not available for purchase), a Cigar Dagger that will not be available anywhere else… in the universe! In addition, every member will receive a permanent 15% off discount code for use on and 

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Welcome to the Empire.




Welcome to King of the Leaf (KOTL), an exclusive Cigar Club meticulously crafted to satiate the most refined palates and cater to the most discerning aficionados. Embark on an immersive odyssey into the enchanting realm of cigars, where every detail is designed to elevate your experience.

As a revered member of the King of the Leaf Cigar Club, you'll luxuriate in the delight of receiving a monthly assortment of five exquisitely packaged, premium, hand-rolled cigars. Each selection is an embodiment of our tireless pursuit of excellence, curated by industry experts who dedicate their days to the ardent exploration, testing, and curation of the finest cigars the industry has to offer. Your monthly KOTL cigar club pack is a gateway to a vast array of sumptuous cigars hailing from esteemed brands, sought-after boutiques, emerging stars, club exclusives, hidden treasures, and beyond.

This is no ordinary Cigar Club—it is a tapestry woven by the creators of the iconic Cigar Dagger, the pinnacle of cigar accessories. Your inaugural box will unveil distinctive KOTL branded swag, setting the stage for a journey of indulgence and discovery. And there's more to anticipate: After a steadfast commitment of just six consecutive months as a valued member, a thoughtful reward awaits you: a gift certificate that extends your realm to shop on, valued at an entire month's subscription rate. As you mark your one-year anniversary of unwavering membership, a true marvel is bestowed upon you – an unparalleled Cigar Dagger, a testament to your devotion and an emblem of distinction that remains unmatched throughout the cosmos. This iconic Cigar Dagger, adorned with the signature insignia of the KOTL Cigar Club, exudes an aura of exclusivity and sophistication.

As you embark on this remarkable journey with us, we want to ensure that your initiation is truly unforgettable. In the very first month of your cherished membership, you'll be granted an enduring gift: a 15% discount code for use on This code promises to enhance every facet of your cigar experience, further solidifying your affiliation with the King of the Leaf Cigar Club.

Step into a realm where dedication is rewarded, and exclusivity knows no bounds. Welcome to a world where your commitment is celebrated and your passion is adorned with timeless symbols of distinction.

Step into a realm of grandeur and sophistication. Welcome to the Empire of King of the Leaf, where the pursuit of perfection is our guiding principle and your satisfaction is our crowning achievement.

Please see our terms for detailed info.